Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Big Day In Sapps & Night Out w/ the BOE

As sort of expected, M wasn't among the land of the living by 10AM, so I took the train into Sapporo by myself. 4,000 yen ($40) for round-trip tix...OUCH!

Got to the D.O.T. type place without a hitch and man was it alot easier than I thought it'd be. Just filled out a few forms, paid my 350 yen, waited less than 5 minutes, and boom, I was outta there.

Since I was in town, I gave my buddy Ed a call (he's a graduate student at the University of Hokkaido), and we hooked up for lunch. It was a gorgeous day today, so we ate out on the grass in front of the library on campus. Thank God spring is actually finally here. We ended up going in on a camping guide to Hokkaido for our big trip around the island next week. More on that later.

Afterwards, made the usual stop at Yodobashi Camera. Couldn't help myself and splurged on a new game for my PSP: Wipeout Pure. Hopefully I can eventually get the browser hack to work and turn the PSP into my new mobile e-mail checker.

After a look around Kinokuniya (see post below), had to start back home, but before catching the 4PM train home, got my grease fix @ McDonald's. 500 yen for a double cheeseburger, fries & a Coke to go...how can ya beat that? Some old lady on the train gave me dirty looks for eating on public transport, but minded her own friggin business once I shot her the same look back.

Fell asleep on the train, but managed to wake up before we hit Takikawa at 10 till 5. Rushed home, dropped my stuff, and Misa ran me over to Bellco, this big ceremony hall where the Takikawa Board of Education was having it's welcome party for new staff at 6. A bit pricey at 2,000 yen for such a skimpy little bit o' food, but at least the booze was pouring fast and furious. Boring as usual, but like I said...at least it was all you can drink. ;)

Now off to bed (I'm shot), as I've got classes again tomorrow and still have to come up with a lesson plan for two classes of way too energetic kids before I leave the house in the morning. On thie other hand, it is kinda nice though, as the school I'll be at tomorrow, Ebeotsu Elementary, has some of the best kids of any school in Takikawa, and they treat me like a total super star there.

Ah...I'm so abused *grin*

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  1. Bennie, Bennie! Yes we experienced the rock star first hand in Takikawa, didn't we son!