Saturday, April 23, 2005

Not the most pleasant of experiences

As expected, school starts and I come down with something again. Felt like absolute shit on Thursday aftertoon, and even though I made it to school on Friday morning, was running a fever and promptly told to go to the hospital.

So I head off to the Takikawa City Hospital as the place I normally go to (Bunya) doesn't open till sometime after 9. I get to the hospital around 8:30, make my appointment and begin to wait. Sometime between 9 and 9:30 I finally get in to see the doctor and he tells me that they need to do a flu test. "No biggy" I'm thinking, imagining some kinda blood test. Oh boy how wrong I was.

They take me into this room and proceed to pull out this daddy-sized q-tip lookin' thing and the nurse tells me it's gonna be a little uncomfortable as she jams it up my left nostril. Gonna be a little uncomfortable my ass. Nope...left nostril's too stuffed up, we we've gotta try the right one. She rams it up there so hard that my nose explodes in blood as she's wriggling it around trying to get a good sample. At the same time, I'm flailing around like crazy, she's trying to hold my head still, my eyes're watering like there's no tomorrow, and there's this fountain of blood streaming down my face. After it's all said & done, what does she give me to clean my self up? A couple of kleenex, of course, then she tells me to go wait in the lobby. "How long is this gonna take?" "Just go wait," she tells me. Yes, Nurse Wratchet.

Half an hour later, I'm still waiting and realize I need to go to the post office, so I find Nurse Wratchet and ask if I have time. She tells me that the test results take half an hour, and I'm like, huh? but take off for the p.o. anyway.

Long story short, I get back and wait some more...and some more...and some more...and finally ask how much longer this is gonna take. "Oh, I'm sorry...we forgot about you" Ahhh...Japanese medicine at it's finest. Thankfully, turns out I don't have the flu, but instead have some kinda bacterial infection or virus (doctor wasn't sure which). Yea!

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