Saturday, February 10, 2007

I still have a cold & Joi Ito doesn't like me :(


Well, day 3 of the Great Cold o' 2007 began when I woke up at 6:30AM this morning. Just, "BAM" eyes open, I'm up and proceed to cough up half a lung. Such a lovely image, huh? Thank you Jesus for sweet, sweet Thera-Flu & NyQuil and for relatives that'll send the stuff to me from across the pond seeing as I can't get the stuff here. Supposedly it's somewhat illegal since it could technically be used to set up a meth lab or something. Ooohhh...guess I'm committing yet another "unspeakable foreign crime"!

In anycase, Joi Ito is one of my favorite bloggers, a big jet set tech guru, pals with the folks over at BoingBoing and even if he is a vegan *grin*, one of my idols. This guy is a true self-made businessman, the kinda person I'd really like to be one o' these days...but I get the idea that he doesn't really care for me too much.

Turns out that Joi's spoken out about the whole expose on unspeakable foreign crimes flap as well, so I figured I'd leave a comment on his site. Nothing nasty or anything, just saying that I really appreciated someone as influential as him speaking out about it, and wondering if he could possibly get BoingBoing to cover it as well.

Guess he didn't appreciate it or something, as comments to his site are all moderated and mine was rejected. Oops.

Throw me a bone here, Joi...what'd I do wrong?

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