Thursday, February 01, 2007

ちょっと落ち着いて、考え見ると / Now That I've Calmed Down A Bit...

English below, 'cause it's too much of a pain in the ass to think of what I wanna say in English first...



1) 近くのコンビニ探しに行ったら、ありがたいことに「

2) きっと、こういう風な雑誌・漫画・本をよく読む人はキモイな「白い靴下と黒スーツ」を着る、完全にsheeple(従順で自分の意見がなく大勢に従う人々)だ。


To be perfectly honest, after my last post I was pretty livid. Then not 5 minutes ago, I found another nasty little comic over at Debito Arudo's blog. It was from last year, but still...

In the spirit of trying to keep my blood pressure from skyrocketing any further though, I'm not mad anymore. A bit annoyed, yes. Pissed off, no, and for 2 reasons:

1) I went to all of the local convenience stores (well, all 3 in Tohma, in anycase) tonight after practice, and thankfully none of 'em had any copies of "Hidden Files of Unspeakable Foreign Crime 2007".

2) Surely, the only people buying magazines/comics/books like this are bottom of the barrel of society rejects that probably wear white socks with black suits and are total sheeple.

...or at least I really want to believe that.

Man, racism sucks big ol' donkey dicks.


  1. Glad you “liked” the comic! I posted my translations at the time and they DID get Boingboinged! That's why my hits went up by 9000% percent that day, and I got nearly 100 comments on it.

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  3. Hi ya Coal, got BoingBoing'd? You lucky bum! Was that for the anti-human rights comic or for the recent gaffe?