Thursday, January 25, 2007

R.I.P. 巨乳

(English below)




そのアバターが大好きで(実はこのブログの「About Me」の違うところでまだ使っています)、すごく面白いと思いますが、生意気な写真のために夫婦喧嘩をしたくないので、結局変えました。

冥福を祈る。 ;)



Up until now, I've used this pic...

 the avatar for my Mixi account. Sortuva long story if you don't know much about Japan or read the language, but I'll give it a go.

First off, check out this Wiki page for a background of the Japanese calendar.

Still with me? No falling asleep and drooling all over the desk now...I am a teacher after all, and will not allow that sort of behavior! *grin*

So in any case, this pic was taken when they held a big press conference to announce the name of the current era, Heisei, back in 1989, and what was originally written on the card this dude is holding up. Lovely, that's nice, but you're probably asking yourself, "Um...where the hell is he going with this?"

Well, in the last oh, 10 years or so, Japanese women appearing on TV and in print with obnoxiously large hooters have spread like wildfire. Not to be un-PC or anything, but in general, Japanese women do not historically pack much in the titty department. Either the dirty old men in power put something in the water or a spate of women are having boob jobs. Fairly decent boob jobs at that (not that I'd ever look at anything so salacious, mind you).

There's even a word for this onslaught of in your face mammary glands...kyonyuu, or "giant breasts". This is what's written on the picture, so it truly is the era of big tits in Japan! Long live big tits! Huzzah!

Um...ok. That was just entirely too long and probably way not interesting or funny. I just really wanted to see how many different words I could use instead of "titties". I need help and I realize it, thank you very much. I've used this picture as my avatar on a bunch o' different sites for ages, but my wife doesn't always appreciate my brand of immature, sophomoric and decidedly non-PC humor. On one of the sites where we both have accounts, she finally got fed up with seeing this pic everytime she logged in, and I got an earful, so in the spirit of trying to maintain marital bliss, I did what any self-respecting husband would do...I caved-in like a 100 year old mine in an earthquake and changed it.

Rest in piece, Big Tits...we never knew ya, buddy. ;)

May your successor, "Tsutomu, the Slack-Jawed Japanese Yokel" do what you never could.


  1. Ha ha! I was wondering when the wife would bomb your avatar into oblivion! :)

  2. Hey Gary! Betcha didn't know, but you're the first person to leave a comment on my new & improved blog! Thanks!

    (and yeah, I knew the clock was ticking for that pic the second I put it up *grin*)

  3. eh.. strange text )