Friday, February 02, 2007

Because When I Think "Tasty!", I Think of Chocolate, Shrimp & Asse

How's that for a marketing campaign?

Yesterday when I was on my witch hunt for unspeakable tales of foreign crime, I just happened to see this piled high on a convenience store shelf...

In case you can't read it, yes...that is a container full of chocolate covered shrimp crackers. They even made the chocolate a bit salty to complement the taste of the shrimp crackers ( think I could make up shit like this?). Two great tastes that taste great together, I guess...IN FRIGGIN' BIZARRO WORLD.

Oh, wait a tic...this is Japan...never mind.

I guess it could turn out to be pretty tasty, but as this is wrong on so many levels, I just haven't had the courage to try 'em yet. Fear not tho, I'll keep ya updated whenever I finally do.

In anycase, supposedly if a product is a hit here in Hokkaido, it'll go over well nationwide, and if it fails, well, y'aint gonna be seeing it in Tokyo anytime soon (hopefully these chocolate salty shrimp crackers too, will soon go the way of the buffalo like their predecessors BBQ lamb & beer flavored caramel - although why horse sushi ice cream is still around is beyond me). Kinda makes me feel special to be a guinea, part of such a distinguished and highly selective demographic, rather.

While we do occasionally get the short end of the "what kind of disgusting combination can we come up with this time?" stick, they do get it right every now & then. Such examples would include "Cherry blossom", cherry, sweet bean (sounds bad, tastes good), banana, choco-banana, apple, cantaloupe, and passion fruit flavored Kit Kat.

My favorite one that passed the fine palettes of Hokkaido though, would have to be Asse.

Ok, well technically it's pronounced "Ah-say", but the spelling's close enough. I tell ya...there's nothing better than a fine piece of Asse, and the possibilities here are just endless.

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