Sunday, February 04, 2007

「外人犯罪裏ファイル」の最新情報 / "Unspeakable Foreign Crime Files Update"

やった!ガーディアンと言うイギリス有力紙のウェブサイトで「驚愕の外人犯罪裏ファイル2007」についての記事を載っています !

是非、,,2004646,00.html をチェックして見てください!

Sweet! This story's gone global, baby! As of yesterday, there's a piece in The Guardian (fairly influential British newspaper) that does a fairly balanced take on the "Hidden Files of Unspeakable Foreign Crime 2007" story. If you get a chance, make sure to check it out!

Man, if somebody ever decides that they wanna get the foreign population of Japan in a snit, this'd be a great case study...

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