Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Industry Manufactured Chocolate Day Part I!

Oh boy, here we go with the yearly orgy of homemade chocolate, confessions of love and broken hearted rejections.

Man, the Japanese chocolate industry sure has a pretty nice niche carved out for itself, seeing as how they've managed to con the whole of Japan into another fake holiday a month later on March 15th for "White Day".

One day for women and another for men to return the favor?

Bullshit, I say...Bullshit!

As any American knows, Valentine's Day is completely and entirely a holiday for women, and woe be to any attached male who doesn't buy his sweetie some combination of a) dinner, b) chocolate, c) roses or d) jewelry...and preferably all four of these.

Anyhoo, Boy Doctor is a Valentine's Baby today, so Happy Birthday if you're reading this, dude!

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