Sunday, February 18, 2007

第一回目の面白い統計 ・ Interesting Statistics Part I

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  • 日本、韓国、アメリカ、カナダ、シンガポール、アイルランド、メキシコ、フランス、イギリス、ニュー・ジーランド、オーストラリア、中国、インド、マカオ、ドイツ、デンマーク、マレーシア


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When I first started this blog, I figured that the only people who'd end up reading it would be my family in the US and maybe a few friends.


I mean, sure...I've got a bunch of hits from people in Japan thanks to Mixi, but according sitemeter, my little blog that could has taken on a bit of an international flavor. For example, people from the following countries've darkened my doorstep:
  • Japan, USA, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Ireland, Mexico, France, UK, New Zealand, Australia, China, India, Macau, Germany, Denmark, Malaysia
The searches that people've used to get here via Google, Yahoo! & other search are pretty entertaining, too:
  • 驚愕の外人犯罪裏ファイル」 ⇒ ("Hidden Files of Unspeakable Foreign Crime") This is the one is by far the search I tend to get the most hits on. Hell, even FamilyMart checked me out via this phrase when everybody was threatening to boycott them if they didn't take this mag off the stands.
  • buying isopropyl alcohol in Japan Hokkaido」 ⇒ Huh? I have no idea.
  • hillbilly」 ⇒ Makes sense, I guess.
  • Japanese Penis Envy」 ⇒ My favorite by far. Whoever you are, thanks for stopping by & come back soon! ;)
One other interesting little tidbit of info is that for some reason, there's a Japanese porno banner site (NSFW) that links here. Why? I have absolutely no earthly idea, but hits are hits, so come back anytime, pervs!

Hoo boy...wonder what sorta stats I'm gonna come up w/ from now on...

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