Monday, February 19, 2007

僕は裏切り者かな~ ・ I've Sold Out To The Man



I've been J-Listed! And as you may (or may not) have noticed, I've placed 3 affiliate ads for them in a few spots around the site to (hopefully) add a little bit more to my monthly student loan payment. J-List is a really cool company that specializes in weird, crazy stuff that can be only found in Japan, including t-shirts, candy, WordTank electronic dictionaries, Japanese porn & more. For those of you here in happy land, you're unfortunately limited to the more PG rated side of the site thanks to Japan's lovely censorship laws, but those of you anyplace else are free to check out the naughtier side free of the dreaded mosaic.

In anycase, give one of the ads a click, buy some stuff, and help me kick my student loan in the ass! (to be perfectly honest, I doubt that any commissions I make will amount to much, but I promise to blog about it if anything good happens!)

As well, I've also added a "Help Me Pay Off My Student Loan" PayPal button, so if you're feeling generous, feel free to donate 5 yen, 5 dollars or however much you'd like, and know that you're helping someone to get out from under the crushing weight of debt!



  1. Is is hard to set up? I've often thought about doing it myself, but I guess I'd need some traffic on my site before I got anything. I wanna pay off my loans too!!!

  2. Gotta love cyber-begging, huh?'s not hard at all. If you link to J-List, there's a link on their site where you can sign up for affiliate advertising. For the PayPal button, it's simple, as well. Just fill out a few forms, copy the script and plug it into your template. One caveat to the PayPal button though...make sure to add a dummy e-mail account to your PayPal profile for the button, otherwise you'll probably be deluged w/ spam.

    Happy Begging! ;)