Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So...tired. Must...sleep.... / ちかれた・・・倒れ・・・そう・・・



Ugh. Yesterday & today I went skiing with 5th & 6th graders for their ski lessons and hoo boy am I feelin' it. I seriously doubt if I'm gonna be able to move in the morning. Oh well...at least I don't have to go skiing again until Thursday.

WTF? When did I get to the point where I'm bitching about being paid to go skiing w/ a bunch of kids? How sad am I?

In other news, looks like the whole "Hidden Foreign Crime Files" flap has gotten more attention from the rest of the world, including a few articles in The Times (London) (as well as the now pissed off gaijin population in general), and as a result, FamilyMart's finally agreed to immediately pull this little hate speech mook from it's shelves. Huzzah for social activism!

Now if BoingBoing'll only pick up on my submission about the story... C'mon guys! Pick up on this story while it's still hot and before more British journalists write it off as nothing more than a shit-job journalism example of Japanese penis envy! ;)

BTW, Happy Waitangi Day to all you Kiwis!


  1. Hey, what is the temperature like over there? It is 1degree F in Ohio. Freezing, man. Freeeeeeezing!!! Bone chill cold!Lucky you that you can ski for free. I'd love to go, but just too damn cold to ski... I hate Ohio...

  2. Yeah, Ohio can really and truly suck at times, huh?

    Thankfully it hasn't been that cold in our neck o' the woods lately. It's been a relatively warm winter so far this year, so I think the coldest it's been is somewhere around -15C or -16C, with average highs around -2C or so. Defo a lot warmer than last year, and it actually rained in Sapporo yesterday. This whole "the planet's broken" thing really blows, eh?

  3. Hiya! How's the weather there??
    Are you teaching skiing to kids?
    That's cool!

    I don't know if I could fully understood article but I had never heard this case... Hmmm, cannot believe these nasty things happened really.

    I think there are lots of lots of CRIMINAL BY JAPANESE PEOPLE! It's shit some magazines tried to point out criminal by people from abroad!! They should have criticised all cruel criminal by our own people!!!

  4. Hi Hiromi!

    It's not so much that I teach the kids how to ski as much as I just try to keep up with them. ;) Most of the kids that I end up in charge of have skied most of their lives and leave me in the dust. My main responsibility is just to make sure they stop for lunch and don't miss the bus back to school, so I guess I can't complain too much.

    Thanks for your comments on the 驚愕の外人犯罪裏ファイル as well. Yeah, it's a shame that some people think this way. I guess it's just a lot easier for some Japanese to focus on "foreign crime" (where visa overstayers are thrown into the same category as murders and drug dealers) and point fingers than to look at and/or fix the many problems that are prevalent in Japanese society.

    It's almost as if some people are like, "We don't want to think about the aging population, lack of children being born, unsafe food, national debt, bankrupt cities or any of these other problems that we have. Those are hard problems to deal with, so let's blame those dirty foreigners instead!"

    Oh well, maybe someday things'll change, but I doubt it'll be in my lifetime.