Monday, February 05, 2007

コメントお願いします! / Um, comments please?


According to my Sitemeter account, there's been people viewing this page left & right from all over the globe, so first off, thanks!


However, so far, there's only been like 2 people that've left comments...


So please...leave me some comments! Are you for or against what I'm saying? Is it entertaining/interesting or boring? Too much Japanese or English? Lemme know!




  1. いいえ、そでわありませんよ。 英語と日本語完璧だ。 しかし、私じつわ日本語あまり上手ですから、Siberiaさんの日本語Postingはちょっとむずかしです。

    In case my Japanese really IS that bad, you're doing great. I just don't have much to comment on because I agree with it. I do find the Japanese when there's lots of kanji used difficult (Because I'm still struggling with it) but it's otherwise fine. :)

  2. Hi there, kheldar, & thanks for the comment! Glad to know that somebody's actually reading what I've been writing. :)

    Good luck & かんばって with your Japanese! I've studied it for over 10 years now and am still learning, so don't give up!

  3. hey!
    Heard that you've got cold!
    I hope you will be fine soon!

    I finally reached the UK, but guess what!?It's snowing!Can you believe it!?
    It looks as if it will not stop!

    Anyway, hope to speak to you soon!